Heraldic articles


I have written articles for both Svenska Heraldiska Föreningens magazine Vapenbilden and also for Svenska Heraldiska Föreningens homepage.

I have also written som articles in English for use on this site that is not going to be published else where. Some articles are translations and slight modifications of articles I wrote for Svenska Heraldiska Föreningen.

I use no external images on this site do to copyright reasons unless publicly noncommercial displayed and few images that was drawn for my articles I wrote for Svenska Heraldiska Föreningen and a few that Wikipedia allows one to copy and use if one names the source and links to legal article about the particually image and names the artist and publication year.

Every heraldic article on my site was created between 2018 and 2020, even througt I translated it and put it up here later and in some cases updated them and made some smaller additions later. I have no future plans to write additional heraldic articles since I run out of ideas and I have no further articles to translate since I have not found free images to use on this site.

I have written other articles for Svenska Heraldiska Föreningen as well for example Monograms in coat of arms, Swedish flags in coat of arms , House Trolles coat of arms and wheat sheaf ("garb" in heraldy terms) used in coat arms and family trees.

I used to have more articles here but removed a few. I also had some Chess related articles that I removed.