Animation with a picture of me from 2016 and a picture of Swedish King Gustav V

My fathers parents (Lalla) Hilda Irene Malvina Hammarberg and Gustaf (Gösta) Oskar Bragesjö

My mothers parents Ingrid Gustava Johansson and Per Leonard Larsson

My father and siblings 1968

Colorized photos

I colorized the three black and white family photos above. Click here to see it.

Picture of a young me

My fathers mother and all kids

My fathers mother

My parents

My mothers parents

My mothers father

My mothers mothers mother

My mothers mothers parents

Old photo of family in Borsökna


Gustaf Albin Hammarbergs boat

Märta Sofia Vilhelmina Hammarberg

My sisters and I

My parents 45 years anniversary

Annelie and I

Young me riding a BMX bike

My mother and I after my examination from Rekarnegymnasiet 2000

In a suit

My father

From job event in Barcelona 2011

Additional photos

For photos on vocation click here.

Selfie 2022-09-12

My father and siblings 1968 alternative photo