Curriculum vitae – Tomas Bragesjö


Företagsakademin 2010, 2011Flash CS4 + Project Leading Seminar in 2010 and Photoshop CS5 Web in 2011.
Mälardalen University 2002, 2003, 2004 - 2008 (part time except last year)Degree of University Diploma, Mainly Computer Science 160.5 Bologna creditpoints.
Datortek 2002, 2003ECDL certificate + Security certificate in 2002 and + MS SQL Server 7 projects in 2003.
Högskolan i Trollhättan/Uddevalla2001University studies aborted after 7 weeks due to illness.
Komvux 2000A mix of mathematical and computer courses + Naturkunskap B and Religionskunskap B.
Rekarnegymnasiet 1997 - 2000Elprogrammet : Elektronik.

Work experience

Cleverlearning Sweden ABComputer programming / Web development.2008-present day.
Ulun DataC# and SQL programming, bug fixes on an existing project.One weekend 2009.
KulturArv EskilstunaComputer registration of old items.Spring 2004.
RekarnegymnasietExtra teacher, repairing and sorting.Spring 2001.
CNC Operatörena i Mälardalen ABPractice service, created a simple Website.One day 2001.
Office Fax och KopiatorerPractice service, installing and delivering copy machines.Spring 2000.
Bofors Carl GustafAK5 rifle reparations.Summer 1999.


  • Scholarship from SYSteam when graduating from Rekarne Gymnasiet.

  • I got a Correspondence Chess title, CCE (Correspondence Chess Expert) in 2021 and the higher title CCM (Correspondence Chess Master) in 2023.

  • Swedish driving licens AM/B.

  • Got 170 points of completed courses above standard program length when graduating from Rekarne Gymnasiet 2000.

  • Bronze medal at Swedish Junior Handball championship 1999 and gold medal at Järnvägen Cup 1999 with GUIF.

  • Secretary and member of board at Södermanlands Schackförbund (regional chess federation) since 2013.

  • Former janitor/steward (materialförvaltare) and member of board at Eskilstuna SK (local chess club) for totally 8 years.

  • Regular member of board of Eskilstuna SK for totally 3 years.

  • Secretary and member of board at Eskilstuna SK for totally 7 years, including current period.

  • Playing Team Captain of Eskilstuna SK team 2 since at least 2006, including leading the team to victory in entire Södermanlandsserien (regional districs division) many times.

  • Former member of board of BRF Facklan.

  • 2nd place in Eskilstuna Chess Championship 2022.

  • Arranged individual Swedish School Chess championship in 2000 and Swedish School Chess team championship in 2002 and 2004.

  • Arranged Schack 4:an (chess for 4th graders) multiple times.

  • Former Junior trainer assistant at Eskilstuna SK.

  • Former Webmaster of Svenska Heraldiska Föreningen.

  • I have written several heraldry articles for both Svenska Heraldiska Föreningens magazine Vapenbilden and for Svenska Heraldiska Föreningens homepage.

  • Lots of top 3 places in Chess events with short time controls like 2nd place in Eskilstuna Chess Championship in blitz 2019, 2nd place in Blixtsnabben V, 3rd place in Blixtnabben IV and Blixtsnabben II, 2nd place in Eskilstuna Chess Championship in rapid Chess 2017, 2nd place in Eskilstuna SK Club Championship in rapid Chess 2017, 3rd place in Eskilstuna Chess Club Championship in blitz 2015, 3rd place in "Eskilstuna Schackklubbs snabbschackturneringar 2015" , 2nd place in Eskilstuna SK clubchampionship in rapid Chess in 2022, 3rd place in Eskilstuna Chess Championship in blitz 2016, and 2nd place in Eskilstuna Chess Championship in rapid Chess 2023.

  • 3rd place in Eskilstuna Chess championship 2011.

  • 3rd place in Eskilstuna Chess championship 2023.

  • 2nd place in "Södermanlands Öppna DM 2022".

  • The districts 3rd best player 3 times in "Södermanlands Öppna DM" (Södermanlands Open District Championship in 2015,2016 and 2021).

  • 2nd place overall (1st in my class) in Official Pre Swedish Chess Championship tournament "Sanktionerade" and 2nd place in my class in the real Swedish Championship the same year (2015).

  • I got 2nd place in my class in Swedish Chess Championship when the event took place in my hometown Eskilstuna in 2019.

  • 1st place in many Correspondence Chess tournaments, including in Final events.

  • Played multiple team matches for Team Sweden in Correspondence Chess.

  • Good scores in online Chess events like 3rd place at "Eskilstunamästerskapet i Blixt Arena 2020" , 3rd place at "KM i snabb Schack 2020" , 2nd place Eskilstuna SK club championship in blitz 2021 and 2nd place in "Eskilstuna SK club championship in online Chess 2022" .

  • In online Chess "Eskilstuna SK" best scorer multiple times in both of the online team matches "Swedish Chess Team Battle" (blitz) and "Swedish Rapid Chess" (rapid) including in elite divisions. Also become teams best scorer in online events for "Sodermanlands SF", "BBS Sverige" and "Amigos Ajedrecistas Anzoàtegui".

  • Played Chess team matches in "Superettan" in 2008/2009, scoring 4/8 and played in hiegest division in online matches for multiple teams in different division, for example for "Sodermanlands SF" in "Bundesliga div 1", for "Eskilstuna SK" in both "Swedish Chess Team Battle" (blitz) and "Swedish Rapid Chess" (rapid), and played for "Amigos Ajedrecistas Anzoàtegui" in "LIGA IBERA div 1".

  • On my 40:th birthday "Sodermanlands SF" created an online blitz event called "Brage Open" where I got 2nd place.

  • My name is mentioned in two different Chess books by different authors and some of my games has been in Swedish Chess Federations magazin "TFS".

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