My Chess career


I started to play Chess at clublevel in 1997 at the age of 16. I did not play in tournaments outside Eskilstuna, except team matches and Mälardalensmästerskapen 2000, until after 2012.

I started out as a hyper aggresive attacking player but later I developed a more positional style.

I increased much in rating and playing strength when I started to study Everymans "Move by Move" series about individual players. An other factor is that I switched openings towards more practical and managable lines. My favorite openings are the universal Spanish Four Knights and Open Sicilian with white and the Nimzo Indian with black.

Sometimes I give lectures at Eskilstuna SK and show either opening theory or some games from a given old master. I have also been assisting junior trainer.

I study a lot of chess by reading lots of books about openings, biographes, tournament books and World Championship match books. I also like to watch DVDs about either openings or individual players.

Young me at chessboard. Photo by Eva Bragesjö.

Correspondence Chess team matches for Team Sweden

I sometimes play Correspondence Chess team matches for Team Sweden. Note that all team matches are rated, including friendly matches. I completed 20 games before I lost my first game for Team Sweden.

Friendly matches

  • vs Finland (Finland 100 years) in 2017 (completed in 2018, my score ended up in +2 =0 -0)
  • vs USA in 2018 (completed in 2018, my score ended up in +0 =2 -0)
  • vs Panama in 2018 (completed in 2018, my score ended up in +0 =2 -0. I took over the position in both games as stand-in)
  • vs England in 2018 (completed in 2018, my score ended up in +0 =2 -0)
  • vs Rest of the World 2018 (SSKK 80 years 2018) (completed in 2019, my score ended up in +1 =1 -0)
  • vs Scotland in 2019 (completed in 2020, my score ended up in +2 =0 -0)
  • vs Asia,Africa,Australia,New Zealand in 2019 (completed in 2019, my score ended up in +1 =1 -0)
  • vs Spain in 2019 (completed in 2020, my score ended up in +0 =2 -0)
  • vs Cuba in 2020 (competed in 2020, my score ended up in +0 =1 -1)
  • vs Romania in 2020 (completed in 2020, my score ended up in +0 =2 -0)
  • vs Europe in 2020 (starts 2020-09-10)
  • vs Portugal in 2020 (starts 2020-11-10)
  • vs Netherlands in 2021 (starts 2021-03-10)

Team tournaments

  • EU Team Cup Quarterfinal Sweden-Wales in 2020 (completed in 2020, my score ended up in +0 =2 -0)

Online play at Lichess

I play bullet games, blitz games and rapid games online at Lichess where I am a Patron. The site if completly free and has cheating detectors. Link to my profile I originally created an acount there in order to play for my club in online team matches.

The online team matches was started by private initatives during 2020 Corona crisis that made it impossible to play team matches or even normal club play. The success spinned off so many clubs created there own online events as well at Lichess.

I have both won and plays draws vs titled players multiple times in these online team events. I have also become Eskilstuna SK:s best scorer in several different team events multiple times in both blitz and rapid time controls. I also use the free tactical training and plays none team games as well.

Eskilstuna SK has arranged other events there as well. I have for example got 3rd place at "Eskilstunamästerskapet i Blixt Arena 2020" and 3rd place at "KM i snabb Schack 2020" (club championship in rapid Chess).

Online team matches for Eskilstuna SK


I have played in for Eskilstuna SK in several online events like for example both "Swedish Chess Team Battle" and "Swedish Rapid Chess" at Lichess. "Swedish Chess Team Battle" was the first national club teams event and was quickly followed by "Swedish Rapid Chess" that was started by some other plays since they wanted more real Chess. Both events where started by private initiatives and federation had nothing to do with them.

I have been Eskilstuna SK:s best scorer and both won or played draws vs titled players mutiple times in these events and also some other events that evolved from these events and replaced them. Click here to see to events I played in. It does not show Swiss events for some reason.

I have met players I in normal cases never get to chance to play against like both IM:s and GM:s. I also met several players that plays or played in Swedish Elite group at Swedish championships. Several of the events uses divisions but they are completly unrelated thus teams can be in completly different divisons in each event.

The first times the events was played 2 teams went up and down every week but after a while it turned into complete seasons with a scoring system based on the teams position in the event.

To play for a team one had to bee member of the club or secondary members of club. Later on many clubs in elite divisions sort of cheated by systematically adding strong foreign players like GM:s and IM:s who had never played for them before and totally lacked connection to the club. To compete Eskilstuna in turn added some local district players as secondary members but they was normal club players whose club was to small to play in the divisions but and was often not high rated, often rated bellow most of our clubs players.

The original Swedish Chess Team Battle

The original "Swedish Chess Team Battle" was a 3 minutes blitz online event with several divisions that was played none stop for 1,5 hours. In the original "Swedish Chess Team Battle" one could also enter "Berserker mode" directly when the game starts. At the cost of half of the clocks time the team gets more points for both win and draw.

The original "Swedish Chess Team Battle" was played without any increment and the sportsmanship level was terrible low. I lost several games on time more than 2 Queens ahead and mating play or Rook up and mate in 3. Other players has mention that they lost on time in drawn pure Rook vs Rook endgames. The time used was 3 minutes total time are actually not even rated blitz according to FIDE definition. FIDE definition is more than 3 minutes per player but less than 10 minutes per player. If increment is used the total game time per player must still be more than 3 minutes and less than 10 minutes after 60 moves.

This means that according to FIDE definition 3 minutes without increment and 2 minutes start time + 1 bonus second per move are the same time. This combined with "Berserker mode" and low sportsmanship level gave the event the nickname "Humilation Chess" at social media.

Swedish Rapid Chess

"Swedish Rapid Chess" is about the same "Swedish Chess Team Battle" but is more serios Chess where time used first is 8 minutes start time + 2 seconds per move thus more sportsmanship and better Chess and no "Berserker mode". 8 minutes start time + 2 seconds per move is also within FIDEs definition of rapid play since it is 10 minutes per player if increment is added 60 times. In season 2 they change time control to 10 start time + 2 bonus seconds per move and nobody knows why. Eskilstunas team got 2nd place in the highest division the first time the event was played.

Eskilstuna SK is the only team that has played in elite division of Swedish Rapid Chess every time from the start, including when there was pre season mode and teams went up and down every week before the season started.

How score is counted

Win gives 2 points to the team and draw 1 point. One mets new opponents after every game with about the same score as one self. In the the first season of "Swedish Chess Team Battle" and "Swedish Rapid Chess" each team can have as many players as one likes but only the 8 highest scoring players points are the teams total points. In season 2 they changed it to 10 highest scoring players in "Swedish Chess Team Battle" and 12(!) best scorers in "Swedish Rapid Chess".

Draw rules and points are a bit different. To play a draw 10 moves or shorter gives no point to the team. If a player has several draws in row only the first one will give points to the team unless the game was at least 30 moves. The draw rate is only reset by a win, not a draw or a lose. I personaly think the draw rules are silly since normal Chess events has no such rules.

Team member do not play against each other. In the first season of "Swedish Chess Team Battle" and "Swedish Rapid Chess" one also got bonus points for winning several games in a row. However in "Swedish Rapid Chess" the bonus was removed in session 2.

The reason why bonus was removed was some club foreing GM:s and IM:s was got bonus points after bonus point and there was only a few teams that had this type of players. Our team used only local players. However in combination with adding the scores towards 12 player makes it virtual impossible for smaller clubs that only used local players like Eskilstuna SK to compete since we usually never gets more than 8 players including the lower rated.

We was a top team in elite division with the original rules but with the new rules we became a bottom team fighting from getting degraded from elite division. For a while we was even considering to leaving the division play completly in protest if we got degraded. Later the numbers of players total points changed into 10 players, still higher than the original who used to be 8 players.

Evolution and spinnoffs

The original "Swedish Chess Team Battle" was later evolved into "Blixt-Liga". The time control used and "Berserker mode" on or off and bonus points rules changed every week. We started in lowever division and also played in highest. Every week 2 teams went up and down.

Later "Blixt-Liga" was closed down and a new admin took over and created "Allsvenskan Lagmatch" who was later renamed into "Lagblixt Lagmatch". We played in the elite division the first time it was played. I won over several titled playes but we got degraded never the less and promoted the week after that. The time used was 3 minutes start time + 2 bonus seconds extra per move = real blitz according to FIDE definition. The event both allowed "Berserk mode" and used bonus points for winning several games in a row. 2 teams went up and down every week. Later time control changed into 3 minutes start time + 1 seconds bonus per move.

I played for Eskilstuna SK in "Swedish Summer Open 2020 Lagmatch". The rules was similar to Swedish Rapid Chess. Our team got 3rd place despite that we only had 6 players when 10 best players per teams scores counted like most teams had like the two above us and most teams bellow us. I got shared best score in my team with no loses but my team mate got ranked above becouse he won more games and played a game more. He also lost a game. I also won over a titled player.

I also played for Eskilstuna SK in "Mogens Hygge Lagmatch". The time control was 3 minutes start time + 2 seconds = real blitz according to FIDE definition. The rules was also that one had played at least 10 rated games before. I did not play very good but still no dissaster but I had many piece blunders. I did however win over a FM in a game that did not count since time for the event had runt out. "Berserker mode" was possible to use. It used 6 players as the team total score.

I could not play for Eskilstuna SK in "Mälardalsmästerskapet Lagblixt 2020" becouse on family matters. It was similar to Swedish Chess Team Battle but only 4 best scorers count since many clubs in the district are small and the time used is 3 minutes start time + 2 seconds = real blitz according to FIDE definition. "Berserker mode" has also been turned off since we do not think it belongs to Chess.

Swedish Chess Team Battle reborn

After a long down time "Swedish Chess Team Battle" was reborn as simply "Swedish Chess" season 3 with the original events divisions and teams start placement was like when the last season was closed down by the admin. They did not even add qulifications rounds like last time like nothing changed to the teams during the summer. Thus teams are stuck in the same division for a 5 week season before a new season starts.

This time the event is officially played under the Swedish Chess Federations flags. It also came with new rules. The time controls changed into 3 minutes start time + 1 bonus second per move = real blitz according to FIDE definition. Swedish Chess Federation pretends that the rules are identical in an promotion article in the magazine "Tidskrift för Schack". The numbers of best scorers that are the teams total points are different in different divisions, the higher division the more players results count. This is silly becouse if a team wins a season and goes up a division they will probebly be short of players so they will likely get down a division the next season.

Online and sportsmanship

As of general terms sportsmanship level is terrible low in online Chess games at every site that exist, I have played at many different sites during the years and is the same everywhere. This includes delaying lost Correspondence Chess games for years at ICCF where computers are legal to use. Or delaying dead draw Correspondence Chess games for years since the the delaying player is higher rated or a titled players vs an untitled player. This behavior can also accours even if the opponnet has the better part of the draw. Sportsmanship is particullary low in blitz or bullet games without increment like winning on time in losing material positions or winning on time in postions where there oppontents has a forced mate in a few moves.

"Berserk mode" that are avaleble in som events are in my eyes a way of insulting opponents, saying "you are a so bad player that I win with half the time". However I have won and drawn games I would have lost if opponents that are better than me has had more time and not blundered or not had time enough to avoid repetiton of moves. Many players that are "Berserked" plays worse Chess becouse they become stressed up by the insult.

In our clubs internal online events or other events we creates our self we always turn berserk off since we dont think it bellongs to Chess and we also always uses increment.

In tournament games that was played closed to the events closing time many players waited untill clock had passed to not give the opponents team points for win or draw like waiting and refusing draw offers in dead draw positions untill the events time ended. It has happening to me several times so I often took more points in the events than points the team got and I was listed lower as the events best total scorer becouse of this. This is also possible in arena tournaments and not only in team play. Rating is still counted never the less.

In one rapid game team event I played a game vs a titled player and instead of resigning he waited 3 minuts in a lone King vs soon 2 Queens and 1 Bishop position against me before leaving the board so I had to claim a win to get the point for both me and my team and to get the rating points. Similar things has often happend in blitz games too and as far as I can tell it is not uncommon.

Tactical training at Lichess

I use tactical training a lot since the positions are based on games played by other players at the site so it based an real club players games so one can met similar thematical positions in real games. It is good for practice and free so one can no task to much for it.

However the site always assumes that the players played the right moves in the game and that creates a system fault. Originally there was at least 50 positions where I got "wrong move" then I entered mate in one when the right move was the win a piece instead. However they seems to have managed to filtered out these bugs today.

I have also got "wrong move" when I found a forced mate in 2 or 3 or 4 becouse in at least 30 times in each category when the game continuation won a piece instead or won a piece before the mate. The system has a build in logical error that only one move order can be right. In at least 500 position one can choose between up to 3 move orders that lead the same win by force and one is right and others are wrong.

In many positions the Knight can choose to the fork the same pieces at (including with check) without being taken at 2 different squares where only one square is given as right. And sometimes one can win the Rook but the right move was to win a light piece. In many position one could also choose between grabbing the exchange or getting a strong strong attack.

Some time the position are from the opening fase. In some cases I recogizes the position as a theoretical position and when I enter the move that theory think is "right" I got "wrong" since in that game the player choosed a move that theory consider dubious by correct play.

Sometimes once one is supposed to enter 6 moves right in a row when the 6 move is irrelevent to the combination and when it is a matter of taste between 4 equaly strong moves that wins and one is given as right. In some cases the "right move" is not even tactical or a positional move but a waiting move where the other player made a heavy blunder. Sometimes 2 rooks can be move to the same square in order to be forced exchanged and only one is given as right.

Also the elo score is also illogical. If one does not enter the "best" move (or "best full sequens of moves") one can lose up to 30 points. If one get several such postitions in a row one could easy lose more than 100 points, I lost 200 points one day once becouse of this and it takes long time to rebuild the points since "right move" genreally gives much lower points that a wrong "move error" loses points, sometimes a position can give +1 points for "right move" and -30 for "wrong move"

when finding a difficult combination one can get as little as 1 points for that in a few case while some realy simple one can give one 12 points. In general one loses more for a "wrong move" or "wrong complete sequens" that one gets for a "right move" or "right complete sequens".

I also think that the text should be "Find the move played in the game" instead of "Find the best move". But to summerize it the function is the best free tactical training function avaleble and it only needs minor adjustments to be 100% optimal. I use the function almost everyday and I warmly recommend it to everyone as part of Chess training.

Playing for Sodermanlands SF

The district created at team at Lichess called Sodermanlands SF.

The purpose was to allow the smaller clubs in the districs to be able to play match play together at the international team competions divions called "Quarantäne-Liga" and I promissed to reinforce the team to help them. We have still not played any matches yet. In the future we have plans to have a internal blitz event and an internal rapid event to as a online district event.

Eskilstuna SK club championships in online Chess in 2020

We played club championship in blitz 2020 at Lichess as Swiss event since in Arena mode one could met the same opponnets many infinate times, including with the same sides. When we played the "Swiss event" move was new and untested so there was several bugs in the "Swiss event" for several players like not be able to see the board untill 2 minutes had passed or not getting opponnets until some time has passed. And in some games the opponents Queen was not displayed for one of the players.

I got the same total points as 3rd player but officially got 4th place after tiebreak points do to a pairing program bug. I was ranked 3rd on the result list and I had 2 tie break points better than he who got 3rd place yet I got a "Bye" round and he won vs a regular player. I think he or some of the players bellow us should have got the "Bye" round. Shure I got a free point but without opponent I got tie break points from one less player.

Then I was paired against he who ended up last while he met a player in the middle. I won but also lost even more tie break points since the other player got no "Bye" round and met a better opponent last round. So I got one player less tie break points than him and also met the lowest scoring player as well thus 4th place with the same score points as 3rd.

By the way I did also play a draw vs the winner of the event who won all other games in the event, including vs 2nd.

We also played club championship in rapid Chess 2020 at Lichess as well, also as a Swiss event. There was some bugs there as like invincible pieces for some players and players who never pairing way after that the start time hade passed. I got 3rd place, same points as 2nd but I got lower tie break points. I played a draw vs both the winner and the 2nd place player as well as 4th place player. He could not see my Rooks or hes own Knights so we took a draw in an fairly equal position.

Mentioned in Tidskrift för Schack

One of my Correspondence Chess games was in an article in the Swedish magazine Tidskrift för Schack, number 2019:4.


As both player and Team Captain of Eskilstuna SK 2, I have lead the team to victory in the entire Södermanlandsserien (local districs division) many times. Several seasons after that Södermanlandsserien was created the district bought a trophy where our team got the first 2 markings since we won the division the season when the trophy was bought and the season afterwards. The season afterwards Katrineholm won it and after that and our team won it again.

Södermanlandsserien has historic had teams from Eskilstuna, Kungsör, Strängnäs, Nyköping, Katrineholm and Snabba Löparen as competitive teams. However, some teams did not play in different seasons, some dropped off and some others entered or returned. Södermanlandsseriens time control has changed during the years. Originally it was 30 moves in 1,5 hours and 30 minutes extra time after that. However in the 2016/2017 season the divisions time controls became swithed towards rapid games instead where all teams played at the same place, once at autumn and once at spring. However the timecontrol has not been identical even within standardtime and rapid game seasons. For example in the 2018/2019 seasons all games where play the same day meaning even shorter rapid games.

Eskilstuna is the only team that has played in all seasons and has also won the division the most times, and is also the only team that has won the division in all time controls. I have been Team Captain all seasons. I was also the last Captain of Eskilstuna SK 2 when the team played in Allsvenskan division 3 and not in Södermanlandsserien.

Katrineholms team in Södermanlandsserien is almost identical to its team in Allsvenskan while Eskilstuna uses a completly different team to allow more players to play in team matches. This has made Katrineholms team the highest rated team for the most of the few seasons they have played in. The highest rated rated team does not neccesary win the division anyway, Eskilstuna has won the division both when Katrineholm or Strängnäs or Kungsör used higher rated teams.

Some teams in Södermanlandsserien has not got a team in Allsvenskan.

Official photo from Swedish Chess championship 2017. Photo by Lars OA Hedlund.


I like to play team matches. I have played in Superettan (Elite division 1) in 2008/2009 where I scored 4 of 8. I have also played a few games in division 1 both before and after Superettan was created. I got a few wins and some draws vs much heiger rated but my score was not that good in regular division 1. But on the other hand I was low rated and almost almost met 400 points hieger rated and my peek had not come yet. We played in division 2 for several year before we won finnaly won the division in the 2019/2020 seasons so we are back in division 1. My best scores was in the 2016/2017 season I scored 5 of 7 with no loses. In both 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 I scored 5 of 6 with no loses.

Svenska Cupen

I have played for Eskilstuna SK in Svenska Cupen team tournament on several occasions and one of the times I was Eskilstunas best scorer while other times it has not got good at all. In these tournaments I have both won and played draws vs titled players.

Young me at chessboard. Photo by Eva Bragesjö.


I have won and got many 2nd and 3rd places in local smaller tournaments in Eskilstuna with shorter time contols like in for example major events like Eskilstuna Championship in rapid chess 2017 and Eskilstuna SK Club Championship in rapid chess 2017 where I reached 2nd place in both. I have also got many top 3 places in christmas events. I have also got 3rd place in the combined blitz and rapid tournament Blixtsnabben in both 2017 and 2018 and 2nd place in 2019. I also reached 2nd place in Eskilstuna Championship in blitz 2019. I do however value my 3rd place in the round-robin event Eskilstuna Championship 2011 in regular timecontrol heigher.

In minor events I have for example reached 2nd place in Sommarblixten 2017. However most minor events where I won or reached top 3 are nameless events. One nameless event I value high are a blitz tournament where I won by scoring 11/11 although two of the best players where missing but most of the strongest players was present. I have also won or reached top 3 in several nameless events, including when there was many strong players present.

I have also become the districs 3rd best player 2 times in "Södermanlands Öppna DM" (Södermanlands Open District Championship). I have also won rating prizes a few times in Trettondagsblixten like in 2020.

I have played in Chess tournaments and team matches in many different cities during the years. In tournaments played outside Eskilstuna I reached 2nd place overall, 1st in my class, in official pre Swedish Championship tournament "Sanktionerade" in Linköping and 2nd place in my class in the real Swedish Championship, both in 2015. In both cases I did not lose a single game.

I got 2nd place in my class in Swedish Chess Championship when the event took place in my hometown Eskilstuna in 2019.

I have also reached 2nd place in Kungsörs christmas blitz when I was invited there in 2014. I have also won 2nd rating pize in my rating group in Hasselbacken Open 2017. I also scored 10 of 10 when I won Vårby Open 2018.

I have also got 3rd place at "Eskilstunamästerskapet i Blixt Arena 2020" .

Correspondence Chess

In 2016 I started to play Correspondence Chess at ICCF. It started as an instant success. I won my first mini match with 2-0 and after that I mainly plays in thematical tournaments. Thematical tournaments are excellet tournaments to try out variations and lines one normally never gets the chance to play. One also gets the chance to test ones repertour.

My best results in any opening is Najdorf. In my very first corr tournament ever I reached 2nd place by scoring +5 =2 -1. I won a later Najdorf 6 Be3 tournament by scoring +6 =2 -0. I know these lines and types of positions good with both sides and got opening advantages in several games becouse of that.

I have also got good scores in Petroff tournaments. I got 3rd place in my 1st and I won my 2nd and I reached 2nd place in my 3rd.

However these standard events has become tougher and tougher since in 2018 ICCF made it more stimulating by adding that the winner reaches the final even in these smaller standard events thus attracting more stronger and more serious players. I have reached final tournaments in a few of these events in different thematical openings.

For a complete list of my results in individual tournaments and in team matches for Team Sweden click here.

Official photo from Swedish Chess championship 2015. Photo by Lars OA Hedlund.

The Bragi Indian Defence

In 2014 I invented an opening for black that I call the Bragi Indian Defence that leed to transposing warfare. The lines goes 1 Nf3 Nf6 2 c4 Nc6!?. If white plays 3 d4 my idea is to play e6 transposing to Bogo Indian or Nimzo Indian Nf3 (and can lead to Nimzo Indian Qc2 Nc6). If white prevents Bb4 with a3 I transpose to Tango lines with d6 and gets an improved version of KID. If white does not play 3 d4 and plays 3 g3 or 3 e3 instead I transpose to Reversed Dragon or Reversed Sicilian by playing 3 .. e5.

Official photo from Hasselbacken Open 2018. Photo by Lars OA Hedlund.