Vasa descendants by Tomas Bragesjö

Vasa descendants book

Per Anderssons excellent book project about Vasa descendants covers some 250 000 Vasa descendants. Its however still far from complete but it is impossible to cover the missing persons. It does not cover Vasa from none Swedish lines nor illegitimate ways unless they where ennobled. The book also does not cover lines where a none Swedish Vasa decendent moved to Sweden. So Swedes (or any other nationality) with a tree similar to mine are not mentioned.

The illegimate lines can be both from kings as well as from nobles or commoners. For example before he became king, Karl X Gustaf of House Pfalz got several illegitimate childs on Öland. And different Bernadottes has rumors about unconfirmed bastard childs and every Bernadotte that descendants from Oskar I:s wife and forward has Vasa on female lines.

There are of course also cases where Church books has been burned up making it impossible to go back any further or follow a line regardless of origin.

Bernadotte bastards

Every Bernadotte that descends from Oskar I:s wife and forward descends from House Vasa on female lines. Also every queen untill Silvia descends from House Vasa on female lines too so more Vasa on every generation.

Both of the brothers Kron-Kalle (Karl XV) and Oskar II has rumors about 100s of illegitimate childs, it is still unclear exactly what rumors that are true since the Royal Court of Sweden refuses DNA tests. The brothers mother are also one example of one none Swedish Vasa line that would have been unmentioned if she had married someone else who later moved to Sweden even if was legit descendants.

There are also rumors about other members and bastard childs that are unconfirmed. One could probelby write an entire large book about Bernadotte bastards and and their descendants or make the Vasa descendants book much larger by including them.

Official books custom made from elites and Royal House point of view like "Kungar och Drottningar i Sverige" tries to rewrite this by mention false DNA tests and tries to pretend that there was only was one or two rumors and that most of them impossible. The Royal House of Bernadotte never does DNA testing. The book "Kungar och Drottningar i Sverige" has information about Swedish Kings and has images of every Swedish kings from Gustav Vasa and forward except no single images of King Oskar II or King Karl XV and the image of King Gustav V is so bad so one does not even see how he looked like! The book also failed to mention that King Gustav VI stopped drinking alcohol because of a direct orders from his wife the year my mothers father was born (1910).

Also there was some case between 2017 or 2018 in several newpapers when a family claimed and showed some "evidence" that they descended from prince Willhelm some generations back but they did not even get a DNA test despite the "evidence". I also know two local Chess players that also decends from House Bernadotte and I think I read the same course as one other at Mälardalen University.

Animation with a picture of me from 2016 and a picture of Swedish King Gustav V. Family legends speak of Gustav VI as as mothers fathers biological father and Oskar II as my fathers mothers mothers biological father. As a direct result of my mothers fathers birth, Gustav VI:s wife ordered him to stop drink alcohol that year and so he did.

Other larges familys in Sweden

Sweden has also other large documented families like Långaryds-släkten, who is the largest, and Ryssnäs-släkten.

The Swedish noble house with most living members is currently House Uggla that has many branshes but perhaps maybee not as great members as the numbers as Långaryds-släkten or Ryssnäs-släkten or House Vasa. Some branches of House Uggla decendens from House Vasa.

Drawing by Magnus Bäckmark who also helped me with the research

Vasa legazy

Swedens greater coat of arms has Royal House of Vasa coat of arms as half of the heart shield. Luxemburg ennobled Bernadotte af Wisborg also uses Royal House Vasa in one of the fields.

Image of Royal House Vasas heart shield according to Wikipedia

The image source is from I have not created the image and I dont owns the copyright. It is free to share on some terms. Visit for legal terms. The image is from the version that was created 2016 by Sodacan.

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