RTS games


I also like to play RTS games like StarCraft 2 and Red Alert 3. I prefere Terran in StarCraft 1+2 and Allies in all Red Alert games. I use completly different main strategies in all games.

I have played RTS games from the beginning like WarCraft 1, Dune 2 and Mega Lo Mania. I also have a copy of WarCraft 2 in a early alpha version. I also like turnbased games like Civilization series and Heroes of Might and Magic series.


In StarCraft 2 Terrans has several different unit types when compared to original StarCraft like more and better air to ground units and better infantry but mech builds are not equaly strong mainly since Siege Tanks are weaker and easier to hard counter and there are no cheap Vultures with Spidermines. The reactor addon gives new strategies like masspumping basic units in Zerg style and switching to techlabs for advanced units.

The original StarCraft has TV shows and professional teams but StarCraft II never reached the same mulitplayer popularety since the games is close, but still not as well balanced as StarCraft I. Many players like me therefore only play StarCraft II in Coop mode, and Coop + singleplay is what keeps the game popular. Blizzard has made both games free to play. But if you want StarCraft 1 in modern HD graphics you nead to pay extra. If you want to play some campaigns or use more than 1 basic StarCraft 2 Coop Commander per race you nead to buy them.

Even is one has bought StarCraft I, "StarCraft : Remastered" cost extra. And many StarCraft II Coop Commanders cost extra, as do Mission Packs, but it is worth it since Blizzard has high standard.

StarCraft II Coop


I also like to play co-op missions in StarCraft II as well where I play at Brutal difficulty. I started to play Co-op missions in summer 2018. Co-op missons are sort multiplay but with single play objectives and team play with a random human player vs computer. One can choose a number of Commanders to play as and the partner can not play the same Commander.

Every Commander requeres different strategies and has different strenghs and weaknesses. Some Commanders like "Karax" and "Swann" has for example strong static defence and some Commanders are vulnerabe towards certain units types like has weak anti air and other Commanders has very incredible expensive units or has weak units that are dependent on suicide tactics and some Commanders nead heavy micro.

Many players, like me, only play StarCraft II Coop and not regular StarCraft II multiplayer. Blizzard has also added "Mutations" that are different every week that makes a selected mission harder but are often more irretating than stimulating. In November 2019 Blizzard introduced Brutal+ mode. It created a random brutal mutation where the Commanders needs to be level 15 or higher where one can realy get bad Commanders to play as in the mutation. Blizzard also introduced even more Brutal+ levels but one needs both level 15 or higher and to be in pool party in order to play it.


"Mengsk" is a combination of a very cheap expendable unit type called "Dominion troopers" and extremly powerfull but expensive elite unit types called "Royal Guard" that can be leveled up for more hp, damage and abilitys. "Mengsk" has also unique support units. "Mengsk" uses special Supply Depots called "Supply Bunker" that is a combined Supply Depot and Bunker.

"Mengsk" uses special workers that can switch between "Dominion trooper" mode and "Dominion laborer" mode. Both modes are build at the "Enlistment Centre", "Mengsks" version of the" Command Centre", and they cost 40 minerals and builds very fast. "Dominion laborers" and "Dominion troopers" can swap modes at either a "Enlistment Centre" or at a "Supply Bunker". After un upgrade is reserched the units arrive in drop pods at the rally point, like "Raynors" units.

Note that "Dominion troopers" are build instead of "Marines". "Mengsks" "Dominion troopers" can be individual upgraded with three types of better weapons that cost 4 times the cost of the units themself. When a "Dominion trooper" dies an unupgraded "Dominion trooper" can pick up its weapons. One weapon is good vs everything, one weapon is very strong vs armored air units and one weapon is both very strong vs light ground units and unlike the other weapons also adds 100 hp and 1 armor to the "Dominion trooper".

"Mengsk" has access to "controversal calldowns" like for example nuclear bombarment and release Zerg, they become avaleble by generating "Imperial Edict". "Mengsk" has also of an artillery structure called "Earthsplitter Ordnance" that has long range and are extremly powerfull once "Mengsk" reached level 6, even better at level 11. If one has build an "Engineering Bay", "Dominion troopers" can build "Supply Bunkers", "Missile Turrets" and "Earthsplitter Ordnance" anywhere without switching to "Dominion laborer" mode and that is a real strength.

"Mengsk" is a bit weak and difficult to play as before level 5 when gets much stronger and stronger after each level up and is probebly the games best Terran Commander at max mastery level. "Mengsk" gameplay is like a Terran version of "Zagara" but with elite units too and not only cannon fodder and better defences and strong "Earthsplitter Ordnances" and calldowns. "Mengsk" needs to build lots of "Enlistment Centres" and "Earthsplitter Ordnances" to be effective. It takes a while to learn how to best combine "Dominion troopers" and "Royal Guard" units and when its time to give "Dominion troopers" weapon upgrades since the weapons are expensive but "Dominion troopers" are cheap.

The "Royal Guard" reminds a bit of "Novas" units but comes one at the time and the units are not on cooldowns and the units can level up to become more powerfull and has different names, stats and abilitys and in some cases other unit base types than "Novas" elite units, like for example Battlecruisers and Thors. "Mengsks" Ghosts are called "Emperors Shadow" and they can launch tactical missiles that are build for free at "Royal Academys" but they are much weaker than nukes.

Han and Horner

"Han and Horner" is a combination of cheap expendable units and mines backed up by expensive elite aircraft, including bombers, and strong calldowns.

"Han and Horner" has a weakness in unable to build anitground defence structures and are depend on mines for that purpose and "Han and Horner" also lacks a strong ground unit that can tank damage except Deimos Vikings to some extent but has on the other hand super Reapers, Widow mines, a special Raven version and a different anti armor Hellion + elite air units, especially Sovereign Battlecruisers and Asteria Wraiths and upgraded Strike Fighters can decimate large areas of ground units.

"Han and Horners" ground units are constructed from unique flying buildings called Galleons that can also doubles as combat units and can be upgraded to become a sort of Carriers. However max 5 Galleons can be supported and all Starport air units are locked on cooldown timers and max 10 Strike Fighers are supported.


"Raynor" is allround with very good infantry in form of Marines, Medics, Firebats and Marauders. "Raynors" Firebats are realy strong after upgrades and has like Marines and Marauders access to stimpacks like multiplayer Marines and Marauders. "Raynor" has also super bunkers. "Raynor" has also access Vultures , Siege Tanks, Vikings, Banshees and Battlecruisers but lacks a mobile detector.

"Raynor" is the only Terran Commander that can upgrade Command Centers to Orbital Command but can not mass pump Mules since one neads energy to scans as well to get detection. Note that in co-op "Raynor" can not call down extra supplies like in both multiplayer mode and in "Wings Of Liberty" campaign. "Raynor" can call down the Hyperion to fight for timed life span and also elite Banshess for a timed life span.


"Swann" can not build infantry units and play is mostly about enhanced mechs with strong upgrades and unique turrets and a powerfull upgradeable laserdrill.

"Swann" has also Hercules transports with tactical jump that partically makes Siege Tanks and Thors more mobile but even Goliaths, Hellbats and Cyclones can use them. "Swann" has also special Science Vessels and the underrated but massable Wraith fighter with special upgrades and "Swann" can also deploy drones that increases both players gas income.

"Swann" has the best Terran defence and also one of the games best defences.


"Nova" controls very expensive and small numbers of elite units that functions almost like "Wings of Libertys" mercenarie units but other unit types, names, stats and upgrades. "Nova" has powerfull but expensive calldowns and she also appears on the battlefield as a hero unit that can be upgraded. All of "Novas" units are locked on long cooldown timers that sometimes makes it impossible to build that unit type you wanted to deploy.

"Nova" does not have to build Supply Depots but can only use 100 supplys of units and has also automated refinerys and can also build an unique anti ground only turret.


"Tychus" is a cool Commander and has a complelty different design based on very powerfull and expensive heroes called Outlaws with expensive upgrades instead of an army. "Tychus" can can only build 5 Outlaws, at level 1 only 4 Outlaws, where one always gets "Tychus" and buys the other 4 from 8 different unique Outlaws where one must choose wisely depending on map and enemy composition since one can not regret a choice. "Tychus" does not have to build supply depots but has 100 max supply like "Nova" where Outlaws are 10 supply each.

Apart from Outlaws there are no others units to build except SCVs that can also build special turrets that attacks both ground and air acts as detectors. If a Outlaws die the unit will be restored for a cost at the "Joeyray's Bar" where Outlaws are build. The Outlaws are very powerfull and expensive and money goes to upgrading the Outlaws attack, armor + hitpoints and individual uniqe abilitys where primary individual ability gets better or given new abilitys or becoming detectors.

"Tychus" can call down the massive war machine "Odin" from "Wings of Liberty" campaign to fight for 60 seconds. "Tychus" has also medivac transports calldowns that gives him the games best mobilety since he can transport hes enitire army at once and that also heals the Outlaws and also gives a short time cloaking field.

Mastery level

All Commanders starts at level starts at 1 and Commanders get more bonuses and more upgrades or unit types as one levels up. Once level 15 is reached one reaches start of Mastery level that all Commanders shares and gives additional unique bonuses. I have way passed level 90 that is max for Commanders bonus points. After level 90 Commanders do not get stronger and levels past level 90 is called Ascension and are more a show of how experince , especially if past 200, are not a show of playing strength.

I have leveled up all Commanders to Mastery level. I have also taken all of "Han and Horners" and "Raynors" and "Swanns" and "Novas" and "Tychus" archivment points.

I first started to level up all Terrans and then I slowly took all other Commanders as well becouse a good Commander can command any type of army and it will increase my understanding of the game.

I have no goal in taking all Commanders archivment points, even throught I taken all Terran Commanders and also all of "Zagaras" and all of "Fenix" and all of "Alaraks" and all of "Vorazuns" and all of "Artanis" and all of "Stukovs" and all of "Kerrigans" and all of "Abathurs" as well. Of the games Commanders I have leveled up all Terrans and "Stukov" (infested Terran), "Karax" (Protoss), "Fenix" (Protoss), "Zagara" (Zerg), "Dehaka" (Zerg), "Artanis" (Protoss), "Alarak" (Protoss), "Vorazun" (Protoss), "Kerrigan" (Zerg), "Abathur" (Zerg) and "Zeratul" (Protoss) to Mastery level.

I probebly handles the different Terran Commanders best despite that they all have big differences in game strategy. The most underrated Commander in the game from what I read at forums is the Zerg Commander "Zagara" but I belive she is good in the hands of the right player and I handles her pretty well. I my personal opinion the Protoss Commander "Alarak" is the oddest Commander since he is very weak untill one has leveled up him very far then he suddenly becomes strong.

The Commander that generally does not fit my natural game style is the Protoss Commander "Karax" unless on certain maps, but I have usually no problem working with a "Karax" partner regardless of map. I am no big fan of playing as infested Terran Commander "Stukov" on some maps either but I have him at Mastery level as well as "Karax" and also taken all of "Stukovs" archivment points and I realy like him on some other maps. I also think that it is difficult to play as Zerg Commander "Kerrigan" untill one reaches Mastery level when it becomes easy with some well placed mastery points.

All Commanders are free to play up to level 5 if one has bought the game, but I am not shure if all are playable if one only got free play mode. Of the Commanders I play "Raynor", "Swann", "Artanis", "Vorazun", "Kerrigan" and "Zagara" are free while I got "Fenix", "Karax" and "Stukov" as a gifts from Blizzard. But I have bought "Nova", "Han and Horner", "Tychus", "Dehaka", "Alarak" and "Zeratul".

Protoss Commanders

"Artanis" is a basic Protoss Commander with many units from the original "Starcraft : Brood war". He can warp in units from all building into pylon power areas and also deploy a mobile pylon field and has strong calldowns as well. I have taken all hes Commander archivments points where one is based on grinding.

"Fenix" is a little different. He appers on the battlefield as a Hero unit that can change between three forms. "Fenix" has a little different units and can also build hero versions of each unit types where max one per type can be deployed at a time. "Fenix" has an upgrade that renames him into "Talandar" as he did in the story during campaign but its more of an easter egg since the upgrade gives no bonuses from what I can tell. I have taken all "Fenix" archivment points before Mastery level even through one of them is stupid and discourges team play.

"Karax" has possible got the games best static defence and has strong calldowns and support abilities but hes unique units are realy expensive and costs more without being better than standard Protoss units. Once mastery level is reached one can spent some points to actually afford to build units, I spend a many points there but I also placed a lot to increase buildnings hp to enhance "Karax" natural strength and not create a new Commander.

"Vorazun" is based on special Dark Templars and Corsairs supported by some other units and has special dark pylon calldowns that cloaks nearby units and structures. When one reaches enough level one can use timestop to freeze units and also to create a black hole. I have taken all her Commander archivments points where some are clever and other are not.

"Alarak" is based on a hero on the battlefield that are leading unique ground based Protoss troops, where the main part are from Gateways/Warpgates, but can call down a Death Fleet with timed life once one reaches enough level that becomes even more powerfull at heiger level. "Alaraks" Zealot versions are called Supplicant and are cheap and comes 2 at the time and has also a ranged attack and they are automatical sacrificed to give "Alarak" health if "Alarak" is near death. Spellcasters called "Ascendant" can also gain power by sacrifing "Supplicants" to them. "Alaraks" units sometimes behave different than visually similar standard Protoss counterparts and has other unique upgrades or spells as well. One if forced to grind out games to get all Commander archivments points that I got after many games.

"Zerarul" appears on the battlefield as a hero unit and reminds me a lot of "Nova" since he has very expensive and strong elite units and no nead of pylons for power or for supplys but has 100 max supply. He has also automated refinerys that spawns for free from Ancient Nexus. "Zeratuls" upgrades units by finding artifact pieces. "Zeratul" can not only build units but also hire squads of units with timed life from top meny that one can direct them locations but not them control one self.

Zerg Commanders

"Kerrigan" is a basic Zerg Commander with many units from the original "Starcraft : Brood war" and appears on the battlefield as a strong hero unit. However she has very weak anti air units. I have taken all her Commander archivments points where one is based on grinding.

"Zagara" is a simplified Zerg Commander with very few unit types and more easy economi since drones spawns in pairs. She also appears on the battlefield as a hero unit. Her units spawns fast and are very cheap but has 100 max supply and are dependent on suicide tactics from Banelings and Scourge to win the game by raw swarming and respawning. She can also calldown a number of Roaches and a number of Hunter Killer (hero Hydralisks) with a timed life and summon a number Banelings from herself. The number of spawned units depend on hero level. Also note that Baneling nests spawns free Banelings based on timer. I have taken all her Commander archivment points but I can think ones neads some well placed Mastery Points to make a few doable.

"Stukov" is based on sending wave after wave of infested troops, where some basic troops are free, supported by calldowns that creates temporary super units. Infantry has a timed life while vechles, infested bunkers and flying units are permanent. "Stukov" has an attack move feature where he deploys a "Psi emmiter" can all hes infantery attack moves towards that location, including all new constructed units. one of "Stukovs" best regular unit are "Infested bunkers" that are filled with 6 units and spawns free units regulary. I have taken all of "Stukovs" Commander archivments points and it highlights that "Infest structure" was intended as a defence tool even throught one can use it on enemy structures too to spawn free broodlings and created distractions or dissable enemy defence buildings. After an update Stukovs Bunkers was nerfed by being more expensive and cost more and some mech units boosted making him better at most most maps.

"Dehaka" is a special zerg that does not nead or has overlords. He has unique units knows as "Primal Zerg" and has similar standard Zerg counterparts but with other stats, upgrades and costs. "Dehaka" appers on the battlefield as a hero unit that can be leveled up with essence and has a unique way of building units, like Barracks with queued units that can be constucted, and units can evolve themself into other types of units by merging, one can in some cases choose if it going to be flying unit or a stronger ground unit. "Dehaka" can also call down a number of hero units with timed life and has unique defence buildings/units that can deep tunnel into new positions.

"Abathurs" units can collect biomass to level up the individuel units hp and attack and when the unit has enough biomoss evolve to ultimate evolutions. Many units can also evolve themself into other unique unit types. I took all hes Commander archivments points points before leveling him up to Mastery level, he is one of few where it is doable. When Mastery level is reached hes units becomes almost unkillable monsters!

"Stetmann" is a special Commander and uses enhanced Zerg units called Mecha Zerg and has a hero bot unit called "Gary" that can be upgraded into a better version called "Super Gary". "Stetmann" can deploy "Stetellites" that gives him and the partner either speed bonus, healing or energy regeneration and are designed to be spammed all over the map. Speed mode also effects how fast workers can mine. "Stetmanns" units are strong in "Stettzones" but else they are rather slow and weak until after several upgrades when he becomes one of the games best supporting Commanders. One of "Stetmanns" achivment points are based on grinding and took me a while to get but I have all of hes Commander archivments points.

Red Alert

In the Red Alert games, the Allies has completly different strengths and weaknesses in each games. The Allies strength in Red Alert 1 is better Navy and the Light Tank. In Red Alert 2 I use a combination of units and in Red Alert 3 the Allies has the superior Air Force. I also prefere USA in C&C Generals due to superior Air Force.