Tomas Bragesjös mixed chess games


A mix of games that does not belong to the other main categorys.

For example I used to play Leningrad Dutch for many years. Here I also show fianchetto defences, flank openings, some d-pawn specials and some Alekhine Defence games.

In thematical tournaments at ICCF

Start yearEventPointsResult
2017WSTT/GD/29 - Grünfeld Defence, D805/8: +3 =4 -13rd place .
2018WSTT/3/18/2 - Center Game, C224,5/10: +2 =5 -35th in section with same points as 4th .
2020WSTT/GD/40 - Grünfeld Defence, D805/8: +3 =4 -12nd place .
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