A few words about ex-libris by Tomas Bragesjö


A coat of arms can be used to create ex-libris. Ex-libris are a small print or decorative label pasted into a book, often on the inside front cover, to indicate its ownner. Ex-libris does not have to use a coat of arms or an existing coat of arms, it can be any given motive. Many motives are images of a building or an animal or a monogram. It is also possilbe to use cartoon figures or even coat of arms that does not exist. Names can also be in latinized forms or be the nickname instead of the real name.

I use my ex-libris originals as paintings too since I think they are very decorative.

Example traditional heraldry ex-libris

Drawing by Thomas Falk.

Example of none traditional heraldry ex-libris

This is a special version ex-libris using Ryssnäs-släktens coat of arms but with a completly different crest that uses elements from my coat of arms.

Christmas present from Thomas Falk.

Less formal heraldry ex-libris.

This is the only ex-libirs that I actually uses inside books, I have pasted them into all of my books about heraldry and in all of my books about history. I have for exampel pasted them in Magnus Bäckmarks books about the coat of arms at Riddarhuset and Granfelts book about Finland Riddarhus and my collection of books by Herman Linqvist and my collection of books about the Royal House of Benadotte to name a few. I also pasted into a Chess book about GM Ulf Andersson.

Drawing by Björn Fridén.

Further reading

I have written articles for both Svenska Heraldiska Föreningens magazine Vapenbilden and also for Svenska Heraldiska Föreningens homepage.

I have also written som articles in English for use on this site that is not going to be published else where. Some articles are translations and slight modifications of articles I wrote for Svenska Heraldiska Föreningen.