Some controversial subjects in Sweden in 2020


Everything I written on this page is how I interpret the facts of the current sitruation in a number of areas, where some topics has a very infected debates. I am not shure I am complelty objective but this is my version.

I have tried to be as diplomatic and objective as possible in the texts but I have a feeling many will not agree on every single word written here but this site is not any pretantion of being an news site or the speaker of all truth.

This site does not cover conspiracys that some might missinterpret the topics as but this is simply my humble thoughts an a couple of topics that interests me. I know a great deal of this topics by resarching myself both using my large library of books and other printed texts but also from news sites, both from sites that are political correct and some sites that are not political correct and both types of sites are often writting semi fake news or none objective articles or does not give the whole picture.


Swedens history and other stuff in Sweden are full of infected debates. If one has slightly opinion on the wrong side one is automaticely branded as racist. I could have written a more length thoughts on several subjects of this page but I do not dare to write more.

The racist word has lost its former meaning since it is overused today and many politicians or even media does not mention everything from objetive point of view to avoid the racist branding.

In Sweden one is almost branded as racist if one like to follow Swedish nationalteam in Ice Hockey or Swedish nationalteam in Handball like I do. A large political correct Swedish newspaper even wrote an article in 2020 complaining that very few of none native Swedish origin that plays Handball in Sweden, particullary in Swedish nationalteam and thus called it a "white mans sports". The truth is the Football/Soccer and other sports are much bigger sports both in Sweden and in the entire world and there is absolutly no discrimination but there are simply more money in other sports than in small sports like Handball and thus kids dreams of playing other sports.

The overuse of the racist word has come so far that if one has anything negative to say about mass immigrantion, immigrantion related costs or any other immigration related things or points out when political correct mainstream media says things that are incorrect or does not give the whole picture one is automaticly branded as a racist even if the facts are correct. So basicly racist also means has negative opions about immegration even if the persons har friends that has immegrant orgin. The word "racist" also no longer has nothing to with the stupid thinking that humans belongs to different races or that stupid thinking that skin color matters or the stupid thinking that that one skin color is superior that was the old definiton of racist. If one for idielogical or emotionell reasons are for mass immegration and does not see some facts how it turned out in practise than one is instead called "political correct".

State media employed in Sweden has a long tradition of voting for left side partys or the green party in a higher extent than the total population. That can effect the angle in a few programs or leave out details on purpose. Some things are not displayed or topics are not taken up in fear of gaining Sweden Democrats.

Origin of Sweden

The origin of the Kingdom of Sweden is much debated. There are two schools one of Västergötland and one of Uppsala.

Most elite historicans used to belive that Swedens origin is from Uppsala.

Nobody actually know how Sweden was united. Sweden used to consist of many smaller mini Kingdoms and different minor Kings murded each other to rule before they was murderd in turn.

However Jan Guillous fiction books about "Arn" that used historicall facts has made Västergötland theory most belived theory today. For exemple the first Kings of a united Sweden and also Birger Karl are buried there and most of the old Churches are locaded in Västergötland.

Today most agree that Sweden was united and founded at battlefields in Västergötland to defend against Denmark.

Thomas Quick case

For a very long time Thomas Quick was belived to be the worst mass murder in Swedish history. Elite also used to think the same thing. Today he is cleared and freed from all charges. However the goverment refused to give him money as compensation for a time locked in for things he did not do.

However many experts like Leif G W Persson said it is not him already on the first conviction and he got right decades later. Some cases he confessed the victims was still alived but had moved. Many persons made carriers on Quick and they are still convinced he is a mass murder.

He was given drugs if he confessed murders and he did everything wrong when reconstructing crime scenes so the Police helped him to make up a better story.

There was not at single piece of evidens or any witnesses that pointed towards Quick in any case only hes words that he told when he was high on drugs. There was also witnesses that placed Quick 40 miles away less than an hour before the murder took place in one of the cases he was convicted for so Quick most have been the worlds fastest man.

Olof Palme case

This case was finnaly closed in 2020 but the supposed murder was dead, a man that investigation dismissed for no reasons and a magazine later found that everything hes said to the Police was incorrect and many incredible things and hes behevior points towards him and he also started to drink efter the murder. That that man is the murder is however not proved and the Police was accussed for pointing out an innocent man in state TV but got cleared.

This case is so stupid that I think that goverment did not want it solved since they did everything wrong from the start.

Palme investigators also thought that he must also hade died for a good couse and major conspirations and not be an lone maniac that was probelby the case.

Bernadotte bastards

From elites point if view

From the elites point of view the subject of Bernadotte bastards appears to be tabu and they are trying to deny it claiming false DNA test when the House Bernadotte never does DNA testing. One family claimed to descend from Prince Wilhelm and showed some "evidence" in 2017 or 2018 and it was in several newspapers but still they did not even get a DNA test.

A recent books on Swedish Kings shows every kings from Gustav Vasa and forward except no photos of King Oskar II, King Karl XV or any good picture of how King Gustav V looked like. Some other books shows photos of them but often not images where one sees is clearly or any good photos where I found better photos at none Swedish Internet sites. Most pictures of Gustav V that exist on Swedish sites or in books is mostly when he is very old, same with Gustav VI.

Vasa decendends

It also strange that a recent large Vasa decendends book does not cover any illegitme Vasa lines unless ennobled. The book did not even cover Vasa via none Swedish lines.

And every Bernadotte that decends from Oskar I:s wife has Vasa blood, more on every generation untill Silvia, so it is strange to not include illegitimate Vasa via Bernadotte lines.

My point of view

The hard truth is that thousends of Swedes decends from different Bernadotte members on illegimete lines and many does not even know it. My own coat of arms has made my Bernadotte lines sort of confirmed.

Both my mothers father and my fathers mother are rumored to descend from the Royal House of Bernadotte. See my family tree.

Animation with a picture of me from 2016 and a picture of Swedish King Gustav V.

Karl XII death


One of the most infected subjects in Swedish history is the death of King Karl XII (Charles XII).

If Karl XII had surived one single week longer hes oldest sisters son would have become selected as new Swedish Crownprince and after that Karl XII oldest sisters son should have married the Tsars doughter and a thus better peace with Russia. Norway would also have fallen thus a good peace with Denmark. However Swedens status as superpower would probebly have ended anyway.

From elites point of view

Elite has always ruled out murder theorys often using studies and theorys that has been proven inaccurate like Nationencyklopedin that in 2001 still refered to Grenanders work that had been completly refuted for more than a decade before they wrote that article. Elite often ignores facts that are for murder and sometimes uses arguments that are incorrect or does not hold or has not even read the entire argument if the theory suggests murder. Even when Grenaders theory was refuted the elite pretended it was not and stood by it for many decades untill the next theory for not murder was presented (the relative recent theory by From) and they jump over to it instead before even reading it and thus missing several small errors in the theory.

The elite could do so since most regular persons has never heard of the book "Mysteriet Karl XII:s död" by Rolf Uppström, written in 1994. The book is impossible to find if one does not know it exist, I got my copy at a 2nd hand online bookstore in 2002. Books that agress with Grenander are on the other hand sold everywhere and exist in every public librarys. Some elite still stand by Grenaders theory of Overberget despite that he calculated a way to high start speed of a projectile and that distans was to large to be used and that Grenader concluded it barely passed through the head while the projectile also had to pass through Karl XII:s hat that in turn significantly slows down the speed even more.

Grenader also appears to have made more mistakes, he did not meet many older existing arguments at all that are against hes theory. To not met any existing older arguments are typical for most theorys that against murder.

Why I disagree

The gun shoot in Karl XII:s head has a diameter that completly rules out Norweigan weapons since they used much smaller bullets but are the right diameter for a Swedish weapon. The smaller bullets was actually more practical to use in combat.

Much point that Karl XII:s youngest sisters husbound and later King ordered the murder. The only proposed murder bullet also has Karl XII:s DNA on it and was found where legends told it was hidden and is has the right size. However the proposed murder bullet has not enough DNA left to realy be used as evidence. They had to checked RNA and thats less precise than DNA, 1% of all natives Swedes has that RNA type. Elite claims the testers only checked the surface of the button and many persons has handles the button and is contaminated. It is correct that the button has indeed been handled but lots of persons during the years, including during the verification that it has the same size and matched the hole in Karl XII:s hat. But it is not true that the DNA test sample was taken from the surface of the button, the DNA sample was taken from middle of the inner part of the button.

Most theorys that proposes murder has been dissmissed and laugh at or persons has been called "Enemy of the state" or other personal attacks. "If I can not attack the argument then I attack the person" are the elites motto. Many Swedish librarys or bookshops does not even have books that are for murder but has many other books when it was not murder.

In 2018 Rolf Uppström wrote an other book called "Den okända kulan : Karl XII:s död 1718 och människorna omkring honom". He browses thought and analyses most theorys. He mentions even more arguments that are against Grenaders theory that he did not know in hes previous book. The latest find against Grenaders theory has such a character that it makes the theory complelty destroyed by it self. He also writes about weaknesses about every theory that exists, including Froms relative recent theory.

I have nothing new to add or complement to the infected debate but I belive it was murder and I dont rule out the jacket bullet theory found where legends spoke of it.

Latest news

There lastest word in 2020 is a book from 2020 who is called "Upprättelsen, Olof Dagström och Motivet bakom mordet på Karl XII" by Bob G Lind. The book about the true story of what happend to a soldier who accused Fredrik of Hessen for ordering Andre Sicre to kill King Karl XII. The book was intesting and I recommended it, it even had some facs I did not know of. The book concluded that it was murder and I belive the book is right and the book points out many circumstantial evidence like Sicre leaving in a rush when the accusation from the solider came and instead of living a life in luxury in at the the Kings expense in Stockholm like he did before the accusation he started to live a life a luxary at the Kings expense in France instead.

The soldier had gathered evidens but they was burned up when he was arrested. Sicre was not even supposed to have been where he was both before and also shortly after the murder. The book also explains the angle of the bullet hole, an angle that is a bit strange. The book has the only theory that can explain the odd angle of the bullet hole since everyone else has missed that in the area Karl XII was killed the angle of inclination matches the bullets holes angle thus the shot must have come from the Swedish lines. The book also points out that when Karl XII died it was extremly good light from the moonshine.

Fake history about Queens and Kings Kings

TV show about Queens

Swedish TV chanell made a program with about Kings and Queens. The program was from Queens point of view. It was presented as based on facts. The program lead to infected debates. Most things in the program was invented.

One King was displayed as a paranoid and bloodthirsty madman that did not know if he ruled or not. The program also said that he was an unwanted child and that he used drugs.

The facs is that the Kings own diary and letters from hes father show a completly different picture. He had many enemys that hated him.

They dethroned him and invented storys and even hes brothers and future Kings was involved. The drug claims comes from a recent paper(!) at upper secondary school (not even academical!) level but complety lacks referens, not even the Kings own enemys claimed that.

Hes Queen in turn has even more invented stuff. Her name is basicly the only preserved fact about her. The programs sourche was from a book that most history interested dissmissed as fiction since hardly any facts about here is preserved or mentioned. Both the program and the book claimes that they was not even married whem she gave birth to hes childs, a fact that is completly false.

Book about Kings

I bought a cheap ebook by a to me unknown author. The book covers all Kings from Gustav Vasa and forward. It is clear that the author hates monarchy since he mainly only written negative things about every King.

The author even wrote several complete lies. For exemple he wrote that Napoleon made Bernadotte a general a fact that is false. Napoleon made Bernadotte a Marshal of the Empire and Prince of Pontecorvo later but not general. Bernadotte was already a general first time they met. Bernadotte was already brigadier general and Warminister before Napoleon became Emperor. The author also wrote that Bernadotte was often late to a battle and that Bernadotte often conspired against Napoleon. These claims sourches are from Napoleons writings but both are false. He was late to a battle once since the couriers was late so he did not get hes orders in time. And it was Napoleon who provoced Bernadotte to go to war against him by attacking Swedish Pomeraria. Bernadotte was also so bellowed by hes old troops that they desserted to him in battle with Napoleons army. Bernadotte was also one of France best generals in terms of victorys at the battlefields.

Several other Kings from all houses got similar lies. So I dont understand why he wrote a book in the first place. Some facts, both positive and negative are correct but most negative things are invented or exaggerated and all focus are on negative things.

Immegration and failed intergration


This section is extremly infected and several sub topics here are tabu to dicuss or to even mention. "Ideologists" are called "Political correct" and "Realists" are called "Racists". This shows that both sides does not understand or respects each others opinions at all and very distant from each other. Both sides posts semi fake news and leaves out details to get their angle of the story. I write this texts as notes to my self see if anything will change in 2031.

Political correct media and partys often lies with statistics and costs about immegration and the sums of costs they present are often much lower than budget for initial cost alone. They often tries to talk down massive negative overreprestation of none native Swedes in lower school results, unemploymeent and crimal rate.

However immegrants from different parts of the world has completly different statistics in both unemploymeent, education level and crime rates. Immegrants from some parts of the world has for example much lower crime rates than native Swedes.

Immegrants from some parts of the world has higher overall education level than native Swedes but they are both minorety of all immegrants and they are here to work and they are not refugees nor economic immegrants.

I belive that lower school results or lower educations leads to more unemploymeent that in turn can in a few cases increase the chanses towards more crimal rates.

Political correct media och political correct politicians often claims immigrats are higher educated than they are and even Prime Minister himself and other political corrects politicians claims that most that arrived are here to work and that most of those here to work have highly qulified jobs while truth are the most that arrives are not here to work but are refugees and of the largest group who are here to work are picking up blueberrys or other low kind of low qulified jobs.

There are also many who are here to work to that have highly qulified jobs, like System Developers and Engineers, but not as many as political correct polticians says and most of those here to work has low qulified jobs.

Rapes and other crimes has also increases much in Sweden. Particually Afghans are overrepresented in heavy rapes. None native Swedes has done most of the convicted rapes, but on the other hand there are high hidden numbers in that area. Those born in some countries has higher rapes conviction than others and those born some others countries has even lower rapes convictions than native Swedes. There is also a pattern that the shorter time they lived in Sweden, the higher are the overrepresantation in convicted rapes. What is not talked about however is that the rapes vs boys has increased much.

It has also happened lots of time that Police, Fire fighters, Police cars and Ambulances are attacked, there are even areas in Sweden where Ambulance and Fire fighters does not enter without Police escort.

One of the reasons for failed intergration are that many immegrants do not want to get intergrated in the first place. Also many immegrants can in worst cases scenarios live up to 14 persons (multiple familys) in appartments made for 2 or 3 and many only mets persons from theire home countrys thus hardly learning Swedish at all. Many immegrants are from nations where the state is weak and Police are disstrusted and they traditionelly settles disputes by involvning clans and they do the same thing in Sweden.

One other reason for failed integration are also that many immegrants does not like the Swedish way of life, social code and traditions at all and therefore never bothers to learn Swedish and only talks to other persons from theire former home countries. Many Muslims keeps theire former traditions in every cultural, political, legal and social code ways.

I have read in many newspaper, including in political correct newspapers, about unofficial Sharia Polices has apparred in areas mainly populated by Muslim immegrants. Boys are forced to spy on theire sisters to make shure the girls dont get the wrong boyfried and to make shure the girls dont have sex before they marry in order to "maintaning the familys honor". Many murders or attacks has "family honor motives" and goverment has proposed a new law in late 2020 that crimes in that category should be a new category with higher penaltys.

Most political correct are complety resistent to facs about real statistics about immegration, costs, failed intergration, the imported subclass, increasing crime rates, reasons for dropping school results, high gender imbalance, unemployment statistics, increasing numbers of low educated etc etc making matters hard to change. Since the political correct partys ignores failed intergration and arrising problems Sweden democrats grows and many votes for them in protest and I fear they will become the largest party in a near future if nothing happends.

Education level lie

Swedish state TV, Swedens Prime Minister, many other ministers and political correct media and the elite claimed that the average Syrian refugees was extremly high educated and that it was raining high competence into Sweden.

In 2015 they claimed that 40% of the refugees from Syria was academical educated compared to 25% of Swedens population thus increasing the average education level in Sweden.

However it turned out that only 10% had read at any University. The other part of the high educated sum 40% had read short mostly 1-2 years vocational training. Some vocational training was even shorter. They had read the kind none academic educations that Swedes read at Folkhögskola, YH, KY, Datortek etc. The high educated number 40% did not only include every type of education at any level and at any length, but also included basic military training. It also turned out that only about 60% of those in working age has read at upper secondardy school and there are also some refugees whos only education was a Koran School where they learned the most importent part of the Koran by heart but did not learn how to read or write thus some can not read or write even their own language.

However the exakt number of those that can not read or write is not documented for "integraty reasons", I read about in a few articles in political correct newspapers when interviewing SFI (where immegrants learns Swedish) and also on heard about it on TV when they was reporting from Filipstad where the head of the local "Arbetsförmedlingen" (Unemployment office") in state TV said the simply truth, "Who employes immegrants who can not read or write?".

I think the numbers needs documentation to give immegrants the best possible education adjustments. Since its not documented how many who can not read or write I could well be higher number than political correct media and political correct politicians wants publicly known.

When a Swedish news anchor who knew that he was going to present a lie with this news he warmed of and when he thought that camera was off he was sarcastic saying "those that arrive are often doctors, engineers and kebab technicians" and he was forced to make a public excuse. What he told was maybee to close to the truth for political correct media since there was very few educated doctors and engineers that arrived. "Kebab technicians" became a new slang word for "Immegrants without any relevent education".

The Swedish number of high educated was 25% and used a completly other definition, it only included at least 3 years long education that took place at a University. So Swedes that read 1-2 years course packades at a University or other independent courses of a total time less than 3 years at a University or read programs and courses at Folkhögskola, YH or KY or Swedes that has taken international certificates at Datortek are not included in the Swedish high educated numbers.

In Sweden one can take a University degree after at least 2 years full time studies of completed courses called Högskoleexamen ("Degree of University Diploma" is the offical english translation) and most Swedes has never heard of the degree and while it is an academic degree from a University it is not included in Swedish high educated numbers. The degree was also more easy to take before Bologna system when some additional terms and rules was added. I have such a degree according to the old system since most courses I read was in the old system and my study time started and continued throught the old system and only Bologna system last year when I took the degree and I had taken more credit points (courses total length) than requered. Degress that are not in Bologna system are however not comparable.

Swedes that had done any form of miltary training are not included in the Swedish high educated number either becouse of military training alone unlike Syrias high educated numbers.

Many Swedes has read at both at Universitys and at other education places but are still not included in the Swedish high educated numbers even if the total education time is 3 years or more unless it is 3 years at University level. To give an example I have a University degree (Degree of University Diploma) with more course of total length than was requered + 2 international cerificates and some extra projects at Datortek + some courses at private company Företagsakademin where my employer paid the cost using EU contributions for small companys for free competence increase. Also at upper secondary school level I have more than 3,5 years fulltime completed courses (3 years fulltime completed courses are standard in Sweden) and also got a Scholarship and I also have a Swedish driving licens (AM/B). But I have read less than 3 years of completed courses at University level so I am not included anyway.

Swedish state TV did in the same broadcast mentioned that foreign edcations validations had increased very high but the problem was that most validations was from Swedish citizens who studied in other countrys in for example Europa or America or else the validation was from well educated foreigners who are not refugees but who has come to Sweden to either work or to study at Universitys.

Swedens Prime Minister is not part of the Swedish high educated numbers but if he had been from Syria and read the same education he would have been part of Syrias high educated numbers.

In Syria high education is not that important since they has a large number of simple jobs that does not requere high education while Sweden has one of the worlds lowest ammount of simple jobs. Syrians are however still more average educated than many other refugees that arriving to Sweden today.

I fear that the refugees that arrived to Sweden, both from Syria but particullary from other parts of the world outside Europe, will become the new permanent sub class where many will never get a job or be able to support themself.

Cost for immigeration

Political correct media always tries to say that Sweden gain lots of money from immegration wave. But the fact is that is completely false and is also the complete opposete. I dont understand why we cant say "Yes it cost money, and yes it is expensive but we are doing it for humanitarian reasons?". Whats worse are the intergration are not working and it further increases the costs but is not up for dicussion or the abillety to decrease the number of refugees becouse of the fear of being branded as racist.

The city Sandviken wrote in a report that they made millions by making costs payed by the county or the state incomes to the city while not having the corresponding cost. They even calculated immegrants own income more than twice and assumed the natives Swedes that are working and immegrants that are working has the same salary while immegrants often has less payed jobs and higher unemployment leading to less tax money. Today no one in the city backs up that report since they dont get money from the state anymore. Sandviken also invented a new economic term as well and they also added the same money many times and also the sum should have been multipled by 12 to get a whole year so the fake "gain sum" in the new term was way to low. The truth is that the Sandviken got more costs than incomes from immegration wave. Political correct media released the report close to the election day and it was a top headline and one of the most read articles and many political correct politicians tweeted about it. However neither political correct media or politicians said a single word more about it when it was completly refuted by economist the very next day, they did not even mention the refutation. The article is blocked behind pay to read walls, probelby since they are ashamed of it.

Comedian Henrik Shyffert tried to calculate immegration cost per citizen by using Quattro Stagionis pizzas, Fantas and Netflix. He concluded that if 10 million citizens (including new born childs, students, unemplooyed, poor retired etc etc) payed they sum of a couple of Quattro Stagionis pizzas + some large Fantas + a Netflix subscription every months integration cost would be payed and he was called a hero by political correct media. He came up with a very high number this way but the goverments own budget for initial cost alone was still incredible much higher so even hes fantasy sum was way to low.

The initial cost does not include housing or support money untill they get a job the sum is huge since it usually takes about 8 years before 50% of the immigrants has had a first job and they often get low payed jobs meaning less tax money. Immegrants generally also needs more healthcare and other resouces than native Swedes and that costs money as well but it is hard the give value for that cost.

Many citys like Filipstad and going banrupt becouse of a high number of unemployeed immigrants and other immigration related costs. One political correct economist claimed that everything was compensated from other citys but it is not true. Some part of the sums are compensated from other citys but the side effect cost that are even higher are not compensated at all.

In 2020 Swedish state TV made an investigation about unemployeed immigrants that came 2015 and about 1/3 works or has had a job while the rest has a very low income, living on support money and some are students. An economic they interviewed was not surprised at all since it has been the same trend for decades. The Coronas crisis has made in even more difficult to find a job regardless or origin.

Malmö is the most bankcrupt city in Sweden, yet they keep buiding expensive arenas and flashy image stuff for other citys compensation money.

Social dumping

Many rich Swedish citys, particularly Solna and Täby, has systematically both actively helped and actively forced both immegrants, unemployeed and persons who needs high social care to settle in other citys.

The phenomen is called "Social dumping" since the rich citys dont have to pay for support money, housing, unemploymeent costs, health care costs and some immegration related costs. The "dumped persons" is often relocated into other citys where the job chanses are extremly small without good educations thus the receiving citys gets economical problems becouse of this.

Solna and Täby keeps bragging that they have low such cost and calls it successive intergration. This is bullshit since they simply moved the costs into other citys.

Pisa fake numbers 2019

Sweden cheated in Pisa test 2019 by excluding way more students of none native Swedish origin than the rules said since they had lived in Sweden long enough according to rules. Also many born in Sweden with none native Swedish parentes who are bad at Swedish do to failed intergration and also many low prestating of native Swedish origin was also excluded.

Thus instead of points getting even lower like it has dropped every year the points increased. When cought and when checking if it was cheat the Swedish delegation investegated themself and unsurprisely found no errors.

The hard facts are that Swedish schools results are dropped every year and that combined with more private owned schools has lead to both large inflation in grades and increased segration.

Gender imbalance in Sweden

Most of the immegrants that arrived are men. It has created a large gender imbalance in Sweden, in some age intervalls it is even worse than in for example China, and it could create large social problems in the future like when men wants to settle down and create familys and there are to few women in the right age. It could also potentially leed to higher amount of rapes. For example in other countrys statistics shows that in regions in India with extrem gender imbalance has more rapes than other regions in India. Political correct media or political correct politicans never talks about it.

Poverty increasing

In a newspaper from 2020 there was an article that poverty has increased in Sweden, Sweden is now has more poor persons in percent than for example Poland but political correct elite media stills fails to see connection to immigrants and failed intergration with high unemployment as result. Sweden is one a few European countrys where poverty is increasing but political correct politicians or political correct media never debated it.

Political correct media and political correct politicians always keeps saying that BNP is increasing, a fact that is true. But the problem is that BNP per capita is decreasing and per capita is the relevent number. BNP that not per capita is irrelevent since about every 3rd world countries and about every nation with higher number citizens than Sweden has higher BNP than Sweden but every nation in the 3rd world has lower BNP per capita than Sweden.

Beggers at the street

Lots of EU citizens from mainly Romania are begging outside every major Swedish shopping centres and outside every major store in Sweden. I dont understand why politicians are afraid to create a general law to expell them, they have no future here. They has the effect that Swedes becomes less tolerant towards immegrants and acts as advertesing for Sweden democrats. Maybee politicians fear the racist brand?

The beggers often leaves the camping area where they live when not begging in high need of sanitation, thus the citys must spend lots of money to clean up large areas from shit and other stuff.

Jury scandal in 2018

One muslim man was repeately beating hes wife. Two Swedish origin jury members wanted him to go to prison and two muslim origin jury members, one man and one women, wanted to clear him from all charges since he "was of a better family" than she was and that she talked to the Police instead of the mans family. The man was cleared since if the votes are equal one gets cleared automaticly.

The muslim jury members was forced to leave both theire political partys and their jury dutys becouse of this scandal that was in several newspapers. The case went to higher court where the man was convicted.

The female jury member had earlier openly proposed Sharia law for Muslims living in Sweden thus she wanted two separate legal systems in Sweden.

40 criminal clans

In 2020 it has also been reaveled that at least 40 crimals immegrant clans has establiched themself in Sweden to commit crimes and raise up children for a criminal live. In my childhood we had the fiction story of "Ali Baba and the 40 thieves". Now we have the reality story of "Svetsarn and the 40 clans."

Apathetic refugee childs

In Sweden a diagnos that only existed in Sweden suddenly appeared called "Apathetic refugee childs". If the family was going to be expelled from Sweden the children seemed completly apathetic and uncontactabe but if the family got the chance to stay in Sweden they became healty in no time.

Later in this was discovered that the desparate parents had forced there own children to act apathetic to get a chance to stay in Sweden. By starting to isolate the children from their parents the became healty in no time.

The phenomen was common for years and included thousands of cases but it lowered when Sweden stopped to give permanent residence permit.


The parlament voted for a law to give immegrants who has no real refugee reasons the chance to stay in Sweden if they studied at upper secondary level or similar schools and got a job for some time frame after the education.

This law is stupid in many ways. It is no even defined exactly what kind of educations that counts. And many of these students fail at schools since they have had not been given enough time to study the Swedish language or did not have enough pre knowledge that schools expected them to have. And even if they graduate from school it is very difficult even for native Swedes to get a fulltime job in that short time frame unless one has more educations than upper secondary school or has good connections.

It is also waste of money to later expell immegrants who stayed becouse of the law since we spent lots of money to both give them educations and money to live on during study period.

It would have been better law if they signed a contract where they agree to first studied Swedish some years and after that are forced to study at upper secondary school level and after that look for jobs in a more realistic time period.

Some who stayed in order to study did not know how to read or write before and got to read none graded courses at upper secondary school to learn the alfabeth. Its obius virtual impossible for them to succeed at normal courses at that high level and even more difficult to get a job. This was reveled after a massaker in Vetlanda in 2021 where political correct mainstream media left out many details about the attacker and hes background and some other things about what happend during the attack including that the attacker scremed "Allahu Akbar" before he attacked at least one of the vicitims.

Education and work chanses

Politicians has no idea how hard it is the get a job based on upper secondary school level alone even for native Swedes unless one has good connections. This is why immegrants has higher unemploymnent level since they often have lower average education level and often lacks good connections. Sometimes immegrants also has educations that are irrelevent in Sweden.

To give an example on how work chanses works in Sweden even for native Swedes I can use myself an example. I got scholarship when I graduated from upper secondary school and already had good grades and more courses of much more total length than standard program length and I had also studied a semester extra at Komvux to get even more unique courses at upper secondary school level. I read only new courses and did not read up any old grades. It also increased my overall grades even more as well but I still did not get to any interviews untill I graduated from University and after that I got a job the very same week.

The hard truth is that most employers wants more and higher educations than upper secondary school level regardless of jobs unless one has good connections. Its probebly even worse today since students generally learns less knowledge at schools and there is also a high inflation in grades where some schools are infamues for inflation in grades. Also the number of simple jobs has also decreased a lot thus higher competitions for every possible job. Also if one does not even have a complete upper secondary school level graduation the chanses are even lower.

Before my first University studys I had only managed to get practise service as extra teacher at my former upper secondary school and I also had a summer job at Bofors rifle factory and practise service at a copy machine firm when I studied at upper secondary school. I also created a simple website for my fathers firm as extra practise service. And I already had other stuff on my CV like 3rd place in Swedish junior handball championship and member of board + janitor/steward at my Chess club and I had been my class representative at student council at upper secondary school.

Expelled not leavning

Media has reported that many immegrants that are expelled from Sweden refuses to leave and their home countrys does in many cases refuses to accept them or else the immigrants goes hidding undergound.

Sometimes immegrats that are criminal get a lower prison penalty time since they are also was sentenced to be expelled as well. In many cases the expelled is not done since their home country refuses to accept them or becouse of their safety. There has been lots of exemples of this in media.


To prevent social problems areas to became even worse a law was formed that the citys could mark severals areas of the city into a status code that leads to that if one has support money or housing or other stuff and moves to these areas one loses support money etc.

In Eskilstuna the chairman of City Council originally wanted to exclude the enitire city since Eskilstuna has many large social problem areas with both higher unemploymeent and higher crime rate than the average.

Censored songs

I have read in newspapers that Swedish schools and kindergartens has banned some traditional christmas songs and some christmas customes involving gingerbread cookies and I still fail to understand why. Also if stars is used as part of the christmas custome the stars must be white and not gold coloured anymore and I dont understand it either. Political correct persons sees racism everywhere even when it does not exist.

I have also read that Swedish schools also wants to stop teaching Swedens national song at music lessons since none native Swedes dont know the text or does not understand what they are singing. In normal schools one learns 2 parts of the song but at University I learned that there are 2 additonal parts of the song that are a bit patriotikal and thus never teached.

Increased hate crimes

I have read in newspapers that hate crimes has increased much in Sweden. Hate crimes has increased vs Muslims but the greater part the increased hate crimes are vs Jews or homosexuals or former Muslims who converted. Unclear if it is related to immegration wave but it is not impossible. It could also be a sign a a tougher social climate.

At swimming halls

It has been on the news that Muslims demands seperate bath times at swimming halls for men and women and a few private owned Muslim schools has the boys and the girls separted both at different parts of the schoolbus and they are also not tought some lectures at the same time.

I have read in newspapers that many none natives Swedes does not shower naked before entering swimming halls and also uses underwear bellow swimming clothes, often using the same underwear they used when entering the swimming hall. Becouse of this the amount of chlorine used in swimming halls has increased.

Humilation robberys

I have read in newspapers about stuff like humilation robberys and immegrant gangs robbing lone Swedes at schools to "Go to war vs Swedes" as an academic paper written but a psykologist with none native Swede origin wrote when she was interviewing convicted immegrants.

There has also been cases of humilation robberys in other enviroments as well, in one most fameus a immegrant gang robbed, raped and tortured some Swedes at a graveyard.


In kindergartens childrens are supposed to learn and develop in the Swedish language. However in many cases the personal that work there dont know the language correctly. In many cases immegrant children are large majorety so it ends up with native Swedish children learns arabic and immegrant origin do not learn Swedish at all. This has an effect in dropping school results. It was on the news in 2020 that in one area in Stockholm 50% of all schoool kids was 3 years behind in Swedish language delopment. Also many immegrant children have never went to kindergartens and they has often has only met other immegrant origin that does not speak Swedish. Also childs to one or two unemployeed parents also rarely are at kindergartens.

Shortly after the news was presented the Swedish goverment proposed mandotary language kindergartens. I think is one step in the right direction.

Many native Swedish school kids does in many cases develop an arabic accent in some areas where most of their classmates have have immegrant origin.

Green party not green anymore?

Riksdagens (the parlament) smallest party is a Green party and in 2020 they still fail to see the failed integration and the new sub class arrising and incresing crime rate in Sweden where none native Swedes are highly overrepresented so the party keep dictating immigration politics. The largest party who are their goverment companion are not even allowed to have any own opions about it. Even the Prime Minister sees it 10 years after all other but not the Green party.

Today the Green party has become more fixed at migrations politics than Sweden democrats only its opposete and unrealistic opinions.

The majorety of Swedens population wants lower immegration but the Green party keeps blocking it and using false arguments even on suggestions of things that Germany already used for decades.

The Green party originally was a good couse Green envirement party and had a purpose but now that are a fixeted for immigration party with no green amibitions apart from stupid small suff that costs tons of money for customers like plastic bag taxes while having none effect on the climate.

The Green party has changed many things in Sweden to the better in the beggining and I think they needs to open their eyes to see the obious truth about failed intergration and immegration. The Green party needs to return their roots to became a true Green party again.

Books that everyone should read

I think everyone, but mostly political correct who are fact resistent, should read the book in the list bellow to open their eyes on what is happening in Sweden.

  • "Massutmaningen" by Tino Sanandaji
  • "Gangsterparadiset : Så blev Sverige arena för gängkriminalitet, skjutningar och sprängdåd" by Lasse Wierup
  • "Framtidsstaden : Om Sverige imorgon blir som Malmö idag, hur blir Sverige då?" by Lars Åberg

December 2020 latest dictation from Green Party

The goverment entered a refugee propostion where single Tinder dating event is considered as much family connection as a marriage when both bringing in relatives to Sweden or to stay in Sweden. This is realy stupid. The goverement also proposed that quota refugees do not need to able so support relatives in order to bring them to Sweden as well. The goverment also proposed that those that have waited long for "stay or leave or decision" are allowed to stay if they got connection to Sweden. This could potentialy included everyone who stayed becouse of "Gymnasielagen", even if they got no job and also those that has been living underground long enough and refused leave when expelled. Looks like the Green party, or shall we say Migration Party (MP), keeps dictating politics that are becoming more and more distant from reality.

Other stuff

I also appears in courts that none native Swedes can not be rasistic towards native Swedes, only the other thing is possible even when they are doing the exactly the same thing so something is rotten. Shakespear wrote that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" and both "Hasse & Tage" and Magnus Uggla has been singing that that "Norway is a rotten country" the question is if Sweden also is that as well?

It also been on the news that some schools has started cloth codes to not be assosiated with gangsters. I fail to see the connection.

In 2020 the goverment finally made it a law that immigrats had to learn Swedish to get support money. It should have been a law decadades ago!

An other thing I never understand is why anyone uses the word "Blatte" about peaple since it is the latin word for cockroach.

It has been on the news many times that "refugess" who became Swedish citizens travels to thier own home countries on vacations, the same countries where they was "in danger and persecuted".

In januari 2021 the goverment changed the law so that in order to becamae a Swedish citizen foreigners who are not born Scandinavia or are stateless must pass both a Swedish language test as well as well as civics knowledge test. The participater must pay for both by them self. I think it is a good idea to decrease segration, but only time will tell if this works.

In 2021 Swedens Prime Minister said in state TV that democracy will be over if the opposition wins next years election. Is he actually a dictator himself or rather hes goverment companion, the Green party, dictats everything in Sweden?

Censored media reports

Political correct mainstream media does everything to not write orgin and leaves out many details even when they said is a immegrant.

One example is one years the music artist of the year was unable to get hes price since was a jail was but media never reported that it was not the first time. He was an immegrant with strong ties to one of the 40 crimal clans. Political correct media only told that when "(often racistik) alternative medias" started to write about it and it became spread by rumors.

An other example was when a man was accused of rape he defended himself that he was in a whealchair had lots a need of assistent and could not walk. Police found that he could walk without problem including by looking at videos from hes cellphone when he was on vocation so he become accused for false social care need as well since he had indead got assistence for several years. I was never reported in mainstream media that he the vacation was in hes home county in the middle east.

Swedens higher Covid 19 numbers

Sweden has got critic for handling of Corona pandemi. I am no expert on the subject but some critics are unfair while some others are correct.

One major reason for Swedens higher numbers of death by infected are linked to registration of death where everyone that has Covid 19 are registrered as Covid 19 as couse of death even if killed in a car accident or hade many other infections or conditions as well as Covid 19.

Many nations, particullay dictator or semi dictator nations, also gives cleary fake numbers that are much lower than the higher ammont of deaths than normal.

One other reason for Sweden having higher infected than most comperable nations are linked to socio economic factors where multiple poor immegtants from different familys lives togheter in the same apparment thus if one person gets infected it spreads faster. This is why immigrants are greatly overrepresented in Covid 19 infections in Sweden. No comperable nations has this situation.

Viktoria Bernadottes dog

Viktoria Bernadotte got a new dog. The dog clubs were upset becouse that he dog was not purebred but a mixed breed. I think thats ridiculous. However, they did not dare to complain about her choice of partner ot that her childrens father is not a born Royal person which would be the next step in stupid sayings.

Not related to Sweden but a comment about USA election system in 2020

No democratic nations has a perfect voting system. In Sweden a party can sometimes gain a seat extra in the parlament by having less votes. But USA election system is still even more special.

USA is a very dived and split and politically polarized nation where country side and citys folks has different voting traditions. Many states always votes for one side and other states always vote for the other side.

USA has only 2 major partys and most that becomes presidents are often from rich families (or pretend to be rich) and are often very close to retirement.

USA voting system for president is based an winner takes all votes in the state and the 2nd does not get any propototional votes at all unlike most other democratic nations. A few states has splitted elector votes where the numbers is divided in different sections of the state but they are an exception but still winner takes all votes but still more fair than USA total system.

In the 2020 election it is clear the voters who are more carefull in the Corono crisis and prevoted voted for Biden rather than Trump and it turned the table in Bidens favor in a few key states. If only votes from election day was counted Trump would have won in a few key states and thus would have won the election while still having less total votes, like it was when he won over Hillary.

Trump is claiming that this is cheat but I realyt doubt it. Trump is more or less turning USA into a Banana Republic by hes alligations than not even hes own staff likes.

In USA the total numbers of voters who voted for the president in not relevent, the importent thing in USA is the state the voter lives in. If for example many of Hillarys extra millions of extra voters from the larger states had moved and voted in some other states where Tump won Trump would never have been president in hes first election.

If one get a single vote more than opponent in the right numbers of states one can win the election without getting a single vote in the rest of USA. One can in theory win despite only getting 20% of all total votes and opponent gets 80%.

It is not uncommon that the candiate who gets most total votes does not win the election but in most cases most total votes and most elector votes are given to the same candiate.

The states with most populatation has more elector votes but they are still not getting completly accurate proposion since some states like California, New York and Texas should probelby have double of current elector votes and many states should have less elector votes.

It is also more difficult to vote in USA than in other democratic nations, sometimes one has to travel more than 10 miles to be able to vote and one must also register one self as a voter manuelly and many americans lacks Id cards etc etc.

In theory both candidates can get the same total elector votes. Than one chamber selects president and one chamber selects vice president thus it can be one from each major party. However even if one party has majorety in the chamber it is not clear since there is only one vote per state if this happends and to me it looks stupid and completly illogical. It would have been better to use total votes, like it would have been to use from the start, but USA system was designed to keep slavery and to make shure that the peaple dont voted for the wrong president.

In 2020 elction Trump lost the election but are trying to cheat and use legal terms to get several states elector votes by courts actions instead of actually have got most votes in the states. If he succeeds democracy in USA is over and USA has finnaly turned into a one party dictator banana republic state. Trump claims cheat won Biden the election but there are no single piece of evidens about it and he claims Biden got illegal votes but still no single piece of evidens about it.

Several high ranking Republicans are backing up Trump stupid things, like they only wants democrati when Republicans win the election or else they want a dictator. Some republican state wants some other states votes to not count so they are realy against what the peaple votes for.

Trump even manged to get hes supporters to storm the parlament, alomost like a Banana Republic coup. Buy they was beaten by but people died.

Lucky Trumps the courts action did not work. I belive Trumps actions after he losed is the start of a relection campaign for the next election in 4 years where he hopes to become Republicans candiate again.

Not related to Sweden but about comment serie "The crown"

Netflix has created a serie about British Royal family about Prince Charles and Lady Diana. I have not seen it myself since I dont have Netlix but I heared the debate.

From what I have read the series is presented as based on facts and events that happened and thus a a sort of real life story show.

The show however has invented many intruges and mixed up timelines when things happends that changed the interpretation the viewers gets from the screen and many things in the show was complelty invented and not even based on things that ever happended. Somethings that happend after the divorce is displayed as it happened when they where married.

The show does not cover the spread rumor that Prince Harry is not the biological son of Prince Charles, I am not even shure what the rumor originates from but I have read about the speculations that has apparently been in magazines as well. As I understand this rumor is based on the fact that Harry and Dianas lover has the same hair color or something similar stupid and those the started the rumor does not think he looks like Charles. I have no opion of my own about the subject.