Bragesjö coat of arms by Tomas Bragesjö


I talked to Ronny Andersen and Jesper Wasling at Svenska Heraldiska Föreningens forum and we discussed the creation of a coat of arms for me. Ronny Andersen is the Royal Court of Denmarks arms painter and Jesper Wasling is one of Swedens leading heraldic interested persons.


I wanted a coat of arms based on my family name. We came up with the idea of Bragarfull (Bragi cups) a wavy and a coronet to match my family name and origin best. We selected red and gold tinctures since my mothers fathers was born in Skåne.

As crest we used a wheat sheaf on top of a sleigh to show kinship with Ryssnäs-släkten to create a coat of arms where every line at my family tree was covered since the wheat sheaf and the sleigh is the main theme of Ryssnäs-släktens shield. Ronny Andersen gave me a free black and white draft of my coat of arms and I filled in the colors myself and I like it and after that I ordered Ronny Andersen to draw a painting with more effort put into into with motto and colors.

Original publishing using Ronny Andersen original paintning

The image bellow is a scan from the magazine Vapenbilden 60 in 2004.

Later my coat of arms entered Svenskt Vapenregister as SV 11 and after that Skandinavisk Vapenrulla as SVR 709/2011.


Almost all existing coat of arms are inspired by other coat of arms.

My crest is inspired by Ryssnäs-släktens coat of arms shields main theme. I am a member of Ryssnäs-släkten on distant female lines at my mothers side.

My shield is mostly inspired by Trollencronas coat of arms, that I think is a very cool coat of arms, but there are many differences so my shield is unique. To be unique there most be at least two differences.

  • First there is two Bragarfull instead of one Troll.
  • Then there is the wavy.
  • And at last a different type of coronet. Where Trollencrona use a kind of coronet of the type Saxon crown (krona med tre spetsar) I use a kind of basic coronet (öppen krona).
  • My shield has also other tinctures.

I had also seen other coat of arms with wavys like Coombs coat of arms that has also a wavy in the middle but it was not a primary inspiration and there are even more differences there since it is completly different objects of completly different categorys both at top of wavy and a lower part of wavy and there are also not even the same tinctures of any of the objects.

Blom coat of arms has also a wavy but it is not in the middle nor has any common items or look similar to my shield at all. We have same tinctures but reversed places.

A final shield that inspired me was Rehbander but the only thing in common is a coronet. We do not even have the same color at the coronet, or the coronet placed at same position at the shield. Rehbander has also jewelry at the coronet in the blazon.

I know that several other coat or arms has been inspired by my coat of arms where some are inspired by my shield and others by my crest but I will not list them here.

My motto "Nothing is impossible" is inspired by the Swedish ski legend Gunde Svan.

Swedish blazon according to Svenskt Vapenregister

Sköld: Medelst en vågskura delat i rött, vari två kalkar av guld, och guld, vari en röd öppen krona.

Hjälmtäcke: Rött fodrat med guld.

Hjälmprydnad: En kärve av guld stående på en kälke av silver.

English blazon according to Jesper Wasling

Shield: Per fess wavy gules two cups or, and or a coronet gules.

Mantling: Gules, doubled or.

Crest: On a sleigh argent, a garb or.

My family tree

Drawing by Magnus Bäckmark who also helped me with the research.

My favorite coat of arms drawing

Drawing by Davor Zovko.

My favorite Ex-libris

Drawing by Björn Fridén.

More versions

I have more drawings by many other artists including more by Ronny Andersen. See the rest of my site.

Animation with a picture of me from 2016 and a picture of Swedish King Gustav V

For more photos of me and my ancesters click here.

Plate with Ryssnäs-släktens coat of arms

A plate with Ryssnäs-släktens coat of arm and a drawing of my oldest version of my coat of arms.

My primary working place in my appartment

Picture of my primary working place in my appartment.

Some of my diplomas

Picture of some of my diplomas in my appartment. For more of my diplomas click here.

Further reading

I have written articles for both Svenska Heraldiska Föreningens magazine Vapenbilden and also for Svenska Heraldiska Föreningens homepage.

I have also written som articles in English for use on this site that is not going to be published else where. Some articles are translations and slight modifications of articles I wrote for Svenska Heraldiska Föreningen.